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The Parliament

Who We Are

Welcome to Owl Accounting, where our team of financial professionals forms a knowledgeable parliament dedicated to providing exceptional accounting services.


Just like the wise and perceptive nature of owls, we bring a keen eye for detail and a wealth of expertise to help your business thrive. With our deep understanding of financial principles and industry best practices, we are committed to guiding you through the intricacies of bookkeeping and payroll.


Trust our parliament of experienced professionals to navigate the complexities of your financial landscape, ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and peace of mind.

Fun Fact... A group of owls is called a parliament.

It’s unclear where the term first originated, but a group of owls is known as a Parliament or Congress, and less commonly a stare. Most animal group terms or terms of venery can be traced back to Books of Courtesy – manuals for nobles on aspects of noble living, including guidelines on what to say.


Founder & Co-Owner

Bookkeeping, Cleanup, and Management

​About Lindsay:

Lindsay is a seasoned accounting professional and a certified bookkeeper with over 20 years of experience in the field. She holds a degree in Accounting and is certified by the National Association of Certified Public Bookkeepers (NACPB). Alongside her qualifications, Lindsay is also Payroll Certified, a QuickBooks Online Pro Advisor, and a Xero Partner Advisor.

With her deep understanding of bookkeeping and proficiency in industry-leading software, Lindsay has honed her skills to effectively manage and streamline financial records. Her dedication to her craft is evident not just in her extensive qualifications, but also in her passion for numbers and their inherent ability to tell a story.

Lindsay's love for numbers extends beyond simple calculations. She relishes the process of making sense of them, ensuring they balance, and deriving meaningful insights that can inform strategic decision-making. She has a knack for untangling the most intricate financial records, making her an invaluable asset when it comes to managing or cleaning up your books.

Whether you're looking for someone to manage your books or clean up your financial records, Lindsay's expertise and commitment make her an excellent choice. Her goal is to provide professional and reliable bookkeeping services, giving you the confidence to make informed financial decisions for your business.




Sales, Payroll Manager, Business Consulting

​About Toby:

Toby is a seasoned professional with an extensive background in finance, insurance, and business management. He holds a degree in Finance, which has provided a solid foundation for his career, with specializations in financial analysis, managerial accounting, and economics.

Toby’s 15-year tenure in the commercial insurance sector has been marked by significant achievements and diverse experiences, including nine years at a national insurance company's home office. His understanding of insurance policies, risk management, and the complexities of the insurance market is expansive and deep-rooted, making him an invaluable asset in this field.  He is an active independent insurance agent.

In addition to his insurance expertise, Toby has also demonstrated his entrepreneurial acumen by successfully operating his own businesses for over a decade. These experiences have equipped him with the practical knowledge and strategic foresight needed to navigate the challenges of business ownership and management.

Toby's proficiency extends to multiple aspects of business operations. He is experienced in establishing new businesses, sales, automation, business development, and process management. His certification in people advisory further validates his commitment to enhancing team performance and fostering an environment that promotes growth and productivity.

With Toby's experience and versatile skill set, he is uniquely positioned to offer advice and solutions that can help streamline your business operations. His goal is to provide insights that empower businesses to operate more efficiently and achieve their full potential.


Bookkeeper & People Advisory

About Ashley:

Ashley has over five years of experience working with local small businesses and startups, she is well-versed in handling the entire bookkeeping process, from initial setup to annual completion.

Equipped with a degree in Business Administration, Ashley brings a solid educational foundation to her role. In addition, she holds certifications in QuickBooks Online and Xero, two widely used accounting software platforms. Her expertise in these tools allows her to efficiently manage financial data and ensure accurate bookkeeping for our clients.

Furthermore, Ashley is a Certified People Advisor, which means she can assist you with understanding your payroll and effectively managing your employee costs and relationships. With her comprehensive knowledge in this area, she can provide valuable guidance to streamline your HR processes and optimize your workforce management.

Ashley's dedication to providing excellent service, combined with her extensive experience and qualifications, make her an invaluable asset to our team. She is committed to assisting our clients in achieving their financial goals and maintaining impeccable records. Rest assured that with Ashley's expertise, your books will be in capable hands.

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Bookkeeper & People Advisory

About Mariah

Mariah specializes in reconciliation and payroll management, Mariah plays a crucial role in helping our clients track their financial operations and ensure smooth payroll processing.


With certifications in QuickBooks Online and Xero, Mariah possesses the necessary expertise to handle various accounting tasks with precision. Additionally, her certification as a people advisor showcases her understanding of payroll, including the complexities of calculating wages, benefits, and deductions. Rest assured, Mariah efficiently handles payroll for our clients, ensuring accuracy and compliance.

Mariah's unwavering commitment to excellence and her adeptness in managing reconciliation and payroll processes make her a valuable asset to our team. Clients can rely on her meticulous approach to maintain accurate financial records, reconcile accounts with utmost precision, and guarantee timely and precise payroll processing.

Driven by a genuine passion for helping clients achieve their financial objectives, Mariah is dedicated to delivering meticulous financial management solutions tailored to their needs. Her expertise and attention to detail contribute significantly to the success of our clients' financial operations.

We have complete confidence that Mariah's expertise and commitment will bring value to your business. Trust her to handle your financial needs with professionalism and accuracy.

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