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Expertise & Technology To
Pay And Support Your Teams

We offer three tailored packages priced on an ongoing monthly basis

essentials Payroll

For clients who prefer to run and manage their own payroll, but want dedicated support

  • Dedicated Payroll Expert

  • Best-In-Class Payroll Support

  • Tiered software based on your needs

  • Payroll across all 50 states

  • Employee self service and profile

  • 2-day or next-day direct deposit

  • Employee onboarding tools

  • Accounting and time tracking integrations

  • Payroll and time off reports available

  • Benefits integrations

  • All withholding filings and payments handled

  • W2s created and e-filed

  • Annual review of people and payroll 

Advanced payroll

For clients with smaller workforces who want to approve hours and have payroll handled

  • Dedicated Payroll Expert

  • Best-In-Class Payroll Support

  • Essentials Payroll Features and...

  • Workers Compensation Audit Support

  • Benefits Integration

  • Time Off Policies and Tools

  • Employee onboarding support

  • Employee directory and surveys available

  • Time management tools available

  • Annual review of people and payroll

Platinum payroll

For clients who want to maximize the business impact of their team

  • Dedicated Payroll Expert

  • Best-In-Class Payroll Support

  • Advanced Payroll Features and People Advisory Support

  • Payroll and benefits management

  • Staffing and compensation plans

  • Regular in depth consultations

  • Quarterly or Monthly review of your payroll with robust analysis diving into employee productivity, wellness, and team efficiency


Introduction to People Advisory

People Advisory is consulting to help small businesses align their business and people strategies. By pairing financial expertise with advice on people operations, People Advisors help small businesses attract, retain, and engage top talent.

The Benefits of People Advisory

There are many benefits to partnering with a People Advisor, including:

  • Aligning Your Goals

    • What is the right number of employees​

    • Should you use contractors

    • What is the smart amount to spend on benefits

  • Improve retention and morale​

    • Which teams have high retention risk​

    • How to deduce employee turnover

  • Measuring your teams business impact​

    • What is the right ratio of revenue to employee expense​

    • How do you reduce expense by department

    • How do you track metrics

  • People operations support​

    • Drafting offer letters​

    • Drafting handbooks

    • Creating org charts

    • Training Resources

  • New-Hire Onboarding Analysis

  • Workforce Planning Analysis

  • Employee Benefits Analysis / Administration

  • Workers Compensation Analysis / Administration

Contact Us

If you're interested in learning more about People Advisory services, please contact Owl Accounting Services today.

We would be happy to discuss how we can help you take your business to the next level.

*Note - People Advisory Services are not Human Resources or Legal role.

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